Igor Terekhov



The surface of the canvas warns you — here you encounter something absolutely different

The possibilities of this space have expanded in comparison to "abstract painting." We are faced with an open form in the state of transition. The Quantum Space of Heraclitus’ Fire.

The voice of light. The object disguised as a painting gains its actual existence. Rather than action painting, this is the process of light’s becoming.


180х170 cm 2008

oil on canvas


Aristo ap. Diog. Laert M.Heidegger, Heraclitus
άναχωρήσας δ' εις το ιερόν της 'Αρτέμιδος μετά των παίδων ήστραγάλιζε περιστάντων δ' αυτόν των Έφεσίων, ί, ω κάκιστοι, θαυμάζετε; είπεν 'ή ου κρεΐττον τούτο ποιεΐν ή μεθ' υμών πολιτεύεσθαι;
Aristo ap. Diog. Laert M.Heidegger, Heraclitus

«And he returned to the sanctuary of Artemis, to have a game of dice with the children; the Ephesians gathered around him, and he said to them, «Why marvel, you rascals?

Isn't it better to do these things than to bustle about the πόλις together with you?»


200х138 cm 2013

oil on canvas


180х170 cm 2008

oil on canvas

Li Bai

The Yellow River flows into the Eastern Abyss, The white Sun descends into the Western Sea. The retreating stream and flowing light Are flying, rushing, waiting for no one


73х60 cm 1993

oil on canvas

The meaning of painting and its substance are indivisible, and this is its unique feature

Maurice Merleau-Ponty

This is likely why artists are so unwilling to talk about their occupation. They have before them an example of the creation of texts, called to explain this or that, and the incessantly emerging paradox of the rupture between meaning and substance in verbal spheres


60х50 cm 1993

oil on canvas


90х110 cm 2004

oil on canvas

Martin Buber

Pure gesture which does not snatch the world to itself, but expresses itself to the world – what a perfect definition of this latest phase of modern art


91х100 cm 2004

oil on canvas


60х80 cm 2008

oil on canvas



After painting lost its monopoly on inventiveness, it developed the ability to create total objects with unique properties. The space of the canvas has the capacity to expand faster than the Universe. The goal is not just to find singularity in the visible, but to create it


The works are in collection of The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, private collections in Russia, Europe, Canada, Singapore, Japan